Baker, David

White Mountain Echoes - Summer 1953; description of Baker's roadside gallery by H. Francis Manchester Magazine

Interview in "The Irregular" January 3, 1990; describes Vitreous Flux technique Article

Ford Times - December 1956 & January 1957; Articles by Manchester - "Pioneer Ski Town" & "Summit of Mt. Magazine

Washington"; total of 7 illustrations by Baker

4 humourous skiing sketches in 1972 & 1973 issues of Mt. Washington Valley Signal. Miscellaneo

Article in Conway Daily Sun September 3, 1999 with details of his "Vitreous Flux" painting technique he Article

invented -and-
1965 brochure "Intervale Vista" excerpted from Appalachia magazine featuring vitreous paintings

Biographical information in flyer at Art Show at Eagle Mountain House on May 7, 1999 Article

Article in Conway Dail Sun December 27, 1999 reviewing Baker's life work upon his death on December 24, Article

Day, Harry

Biographical information from flyer at Art Show at Eagle Mountain House May 7, 1999. Day had a gallery in Article

Hurme, Veikko Arvid

Memorial Exhibition at Heritage May 28-30, 1994 Document

Newspaper articles, biographical information, Exhibition Catalogue, and other items pertaining to the Article

"Remembering Veikko Hurme Through His Art" Exhibition held at the Jackson Historical Society from

February 7, 2004 to April 4, 2004. More than four h

Biographical information in a flyer at the Art Show at the Eagle Mountain House on May 7, 1999 Article

Conway Daily Sun May 26, 1994; "Remembering Bud Hurme Through his Art" Article

Obituary in Conway Daily Sun February 17, 1993 on death February 12, 1993 Article

Merrill, George N.

Biographical information from "The Granite State's Boston Post Canes" Article

Article in Lewiston Journal (Maine) October 23, 1904 citing Merrill''s interest in geology as well as painting. Article

Article includes photograph.

Program for dedication of bronze plaque at site of first church in Jackson states that the Free Will Baptist Document

Church was used as a studio by Merrill.

Painting of Ossipee Lake by Merrill. Framed and placed next to Boston Post Cane in Jackson Town Office. Object

Morton, Myke

Account in "The Irregular" December 5, 1978 on trip to Nova Scotia Article

Biographical Sketch Brochure

Shapleigh, Frank Henry

Photograph of Shapleigh. Moved to Shapleigh Photographs Code #2970 in Photograph Group Photograph

Copy of Shapleigh's sketch book of his first visit to Paris and London in 1867 Contains more than 40 Book

sketches of street scenes, mostly whimsical..

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