Contemporary White Mountain Paintings

Erik Koeppel

Mt. Madison $11,500.00

Oil on panel 30" x 48" image

This is a studio painting made from a drawing done from North Road (between Gorham and Shelburne) of

predominantly Mt Madison, with Adams showing up behind, and Mt. Washington on the right (kind of a hump shape

from this vantage point). The drawing was done from just after the bridge crossing the Androscoggin where there

is now a power plant which was removed for pictorial effect, and replaced with a nice little boat house. I added a

shepherd and flock, as a more visually pleasing form of industry, and replaced the dam with a lovely waterfall that

could have been.

Winter on the Androscoggin painted sketch $1,700.00

Oil on panel image

Moat Mts. And the Ledges from the Saco River $900.00

Walnut ink & gouache on paper 8" x 10" image

Barrett McDevitt

Morning Light at Jefferson Meadow $1,800.00

Oil on linen on board 12" x 24" image

This piece was done from life over two days at "Jefferson Meadow" off 115A in Jefferson, NH. The local

name of

NH 115A is Meadows Road, as it once served the Jefferson Meadows train station and post office. The

Tuckerman's Ravine $1,300.00

Oil on linen on board 12" x 16" image

This piece was painted from life in April after a hike up the Tuckerman's Ravine Trail with painting gear, a

snowmobile suit to change into, and crampons for the ice. The sun came out on the headwall just long enough to

complete the painting, then we had to hurry down before the rain started and the going got tough!

Saco in Crawford Notch $700.00

Oil on linen on board 8" x 10" image

This piece was painted from life off Route 302, near the general store in Hart's Location. It features a view of

"Texaco Slab", a rock formation popular with ice climbers.

Myke Morton

Winter Barn Scene in Jackson $1,250.00

acrylic on board 22" x 28" image

Signed lower left.

Lauren Sansaricq

Autumn Afternoon $3,000.00

Oil on canvas 8" x 12" image

This painting was done on location, on a cool autumn afternoon. The setting is on Cater Notch Rd. the Mountain the

Right is Black Mountain. In this painting I could not help but alter road to what I imagine it would have looked like a

hundred years ago.

Afternoon in the White Mountains, View of Carter Notch and black Mountain $4,000.00

Oil on canvas 19" x 14" image

This painting was done from several drawings during this past winter. The setting is basically the view from the

base of the Eagle Mt. House. In winter once the trees are bare, this view really opens up and has an exquisite view

of Black Mountain and Cater Notch. This is to me one of my favorite views of the region.
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