Resources on Government in Jackson

Letter from Selectmen dated April 3, 2001 thanking Jackson Historical Society for presentaion of the Bicentennial Document

quilt made by the members of the Jackson Sewing Club. The quilt is on permanent display in the Town Office.

Alphabetical listing of legal voters of Jackson in 1888 and 1890. Document

"List of Lands Redeemed" from sale of land & buildings for unpaid taxes in 1884. Issac Samuels land redeemed Document

by Moody Merrill; Chauncey Eaton farm & buildings redeemed by Freeman Mason; W.H. Ward farm & buildins

redeemed by Warren Johnson.

Several "Collectors Sale of Real Estate" Notices for unpaid taxes in 1880, 1886, 1889, 1890. Document

Several letters, receipts, etc. for amounts paid/collected by Henry Meserve, Tax Collector. Various dates in Document

1881, 1882, 1884, 1885, 1886, 1890. Includes copy of American Express "Money by Telegraph" dated

November 25, 1886 remitting tax receipts to St

Article in "The Reporter" - April 15, 1981 on town trivia test with 20 questions Article

Deed from Anna M. Pitman date August 7, 1942 granting to the Town of Jackson the right to cut and maintain a Deed

foot path along the the easterly side of Pinkham Pasture, or Manson Lot, to a boundary line between the home

farms of Bertha Dame and Sarah Ham w

Article in "The Reporter" - March 5, 1980 on talk to Jackson Historical Society by Jacquelyn Jones "Jackson Real Article

Estate - Then and Now"

Letter fro the State of New Hampshire to E.T. March, Jackson Selectman date January 21, 1930. concerning Document

bounties paid by the State for hedgehogs and bears.

Statement of Fee from Fence Viewers to settle fence dispute - October 5, 1878 Document

Town Treasurer's Receipts for year 1894 Document

Copy of Minutes of Town Meetings as recorded in Town Record Books - 1800 - 1920 Document

Card file of recorded mortgages 1841-193- Document

Article in The Reporter October 2, 1985 announcing rejection by Jackson Planning Board for a 60 unit Article

condominium development on Spruce Mountain.

Article in The Irregular, November 30, 1976 of poem "A Brag on Jackson" written by Rev. Mr. Tarbox in late 19th Article

century. Also shows a photograph of 4 unidentified Jackson children fro same period

1943 Telephone Directory for Carroll County (including listings for Jackson) Book

Annual Reports from 1895 - 2008 complete Document

Deed for land sold by William W. Trickey & S. Alice Trickey to the Town of Jackson dated December 14, 1939. Deed

From description it appears that the 2,750 square feet is the green space between the Grammar School and the

Post Office complex where the Jackso
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