Resources on Hotels and Lodging Places

Eagle Mountain House

Guest Register - 1879 to 1890's (located on storage shelf) Book

4 publicity brochures Brochure

Ledger 1882 - 1893 (located in storage box) Book

Article from "The Old Stone Wall" published by New Hampshire Divivision of Historical Resources reporting on Article

approval of the nomination of the EMH to the National Register of Historic Places

Publicity brochure (no date) offering sale of condominium rooms from Eagle Mountain House Owner's Brochure

Agreement of Sale when Orrin Chadbourne & Marcia Chadbourne sold the Eagle Mountain House to Roger L. Document

Cameron for $400,000 in December 1972.

Numerous photographs developed by Ken Madrovsky from glass plate negatives taken by Church circa Photograph

1900's. Moved to Eagle Mountain House Photographs Code #2800 in Photographs Group.

Article from "Yesterdays" with additional data on owners and buildings. Article

Dinner menu for Washington's Birthday - February 22, 1917 Document

Talk to Jackson Historical Society on history of Eagle Mountain House by Marcia Chadbourne - 1978 Document

Photograph of building built after 1915 fire. Moved to Eagle Mountain House Photographs Code #2800 in Photograph

Photographs Group.

Fernald Cottages

Article from "Yesterdays" with history of owners and house. Article

Glen Ellis House

16 ledgers, registers, cash book, day books - (located on storage shelf) Book

Brochure on Jackson Ski Club which was later occupant of Glen Ellis House Brochure

Early publicity brochure - 1920's. Then owner was H.A. Thompson. Brochure

2 very early photographs - one of guests on porch; the other of the House. Moved to Glen Ellis House Photograph

Photographs Code #2995 in Photographs Group.

Gray's Inn

Articles from "The Manchester Union Leader"; "The Irregular"; - July 1983 about fire - also 9 color photographs Article

3 photographs of fire July 1983. Moved to Gray's Inn Photographs Code #3000 in Photographs Group. Photograph

Article in "The Reporter" March 8, 1978 with short history by Mary Burack & Alicia Hawkes Article

Article from "Yesterdays" with additional history. In final days it was known as the Hampshire House and was Article

used as a summer youth camp.

2 photographs - 1showing addition made in February 1900, 1 as the Inn was during 1903-1916. Moved to Photograph

Gray's Inn Photographs Code #3000 in Photographs Group.

Photo of Gray's Inn barn and blacksmith shop. Shop moved to Rachell Doucette's property near the Photograph

Christmas Farm Inn. The caulking vise used in the blacksmith's shop now in possession of the Jackson

Historical Society. Moved to Gray's Inn Photographs C
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