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Iron Mountain House

Jackson Falls House

4 early photos of guests in front of JFH; 1 very early stereoptic. Moved to Jackson Falls House Photographs Photograph

Code #3015 in Photographs Group. Moved to Jackson Falls House Photographs Code #3015 in Photographs

Survey of JFH to consider it as part of Jackson Revitalization; publication & date unknown. Article

Auction of JFH furnishings, March 24, 1979 Article

Dinner menu, July 2, 1883. Another dinner menu - no date Miscellaneo

4 brochures & 6 photographs. 2 brochures under Trickey Bros ownership, 1 under D.R. Blanchard ownership, 1 Brochure

under Marjorie March & Katherine Stilphen management (1941). One photograph shows House being raised in

Poem: To Margery & Catherine - managers of JFH from A.L.K., season of 1935. Note mis-spelling of names - Article

should be Marjorie & Katherine.

Demolition story from Manchester Union Leader Article

J.B. Trickey acquires interest in patent for a "plate lifter". Oct 30, 1876 Document

Article in Lewiston Evening Journal on history of JFH - September 22, 1979 - "Jackson Falls House: An Era Article

Ends, Another Begins" based on reminiscences of Marjorie Trickey March

Photograph album belonging to George P. Trickey with numerous early photos of Jackson Falls House, guests, Album

activities and scenes nearby

Photograph of Coaching Parade in 1894 using Jackson Falls House coach. Moved to Jackson Falls House Photograph

Photographs Code #1015 in Photographs Group.

"JFH Bites the Dust"; demolition story from The Reporter, March 28, 1979 Article

Poem: "The Butternut Tree" written on JFH's stationary Article

Permission granted by Trickey brothers to allow Frank Shapleigh to connect to JFH's sewer, Oct 1893. Document

"The Jackson Falls House Story" Author & publication unknown; December 14, 1960 Article

Jackson Lodge (Baldwin

Article from "Yesterdays"with history of owners and house. Article

Moody Farm

Moody Farm when owned by previous owner Hackett. Since known as the "Moody Farm" and now Whitneys. Photograph

Framed photograph of Moody Farm (now Whitneys). Photograph

Nestlenook (Checkerberry &

Article in the Irregular on Open House of revitalized Inn by innkeepers Tom & Chris Cormier .- September 6, Article

1989. Robert & Nancy Cyr are the owners of Nestlenook.

Article from "Yesterdays" with brief history of owners and buildings. Article

Oak Lee Lodge

Article from "Yesterdays" with history of owners and house. Formerly known as Maple Cottage Article

Old Ledge Villa
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