Resources on Landmarks in Jackson

Town Stone Pound

Triangle Site

Program for dedication of bronze plaque at site on August 3, 1988 Document

Photographs of attendees at dedication of "Triangle Site" - 1982 Photograph

Valley Cross Road

Notation from Adelbert Fernald's "Historical Facts of Jackson" that George Pinkham built this road 1n 1892 and Article

gifted it to the Town of Jackson.

Water Trough

Report on history of trough which is inscribed - "In Memory of Katherine Prescott Wormeley" - August 13, 1980 Article

- Trough is now located at Christmas Farm Inn. Moved from foot of Thorn Hill Road.

Agreement dated August 15, 1942 between Theodora DeVinne Hammond and the Town of Jackson granting the Document

Town the right to pipe the water from the Perkins Mineral Spring on the Christmas Farm Inn property to the

stone trough when it was located nearby withi

Article from "Yesterdays". The spring is known as Perkins Mineral Spring. Article

Minutes of Jackson Historical Society meeting on April 4, 1979 suggesting the JHS put a marker on the trough Document
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