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Willey, John

Williams, Mabel Josephine

Obituary on death in 1944, age 74 . Born in North Weymouth, MA. Mabel received extensive training as an Article

art student at School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, School of Art and Design at the Massachusetts

Institute of Technology, Cowles Art School

Williams, Ruth M.

Obituary on dreath on September 10, 1993 - age 77 - wife of Harold C. Williams Article

Wilson, Virginia T.

Obituary on death on January 2, 2004 - age 67 Born in Saratoga Springs, NY the daughter of James and Article

Virginia Leek grew up in Dover, MA. Lived in Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York before moving to Jackson

in 2001. Hiusband, Bruce E. Wilson survives

Wormlight, Verner J.

Obituary on death on December 2, 2001. A resident of North Conway, NH and a member of the Jackson Article

Historical Society. Served as a navigator and Captain in the U.S. Air Force during World War II and Korea.

Awarded several air medals including the Disti
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