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Bentley, Erna R.

Obituary on death on July 23, 2004 - age 81. Born in Danzig, Germany. Widow of Donald Tilden Bentley. Article

Survived by her daughter Sylvia Weiss and her husban Robert of Jackson.

Bidalack, Wasyl

Obituary on death on September 28, 1998. He served in the U.S. Army and was a veteran of World War II. Article

Bissell, Priscilla E.

Obituary on death in Apopka, Florida on September 26, 2002 age 84. Born in Portsmouth, NH, she was a Article

graduate of the University of New Hampshire. Was the first female offcer from New England in the Women's

Army Corps in World War II. Served as Jackson

Bragg, William L.

Obituary on death on January 4, 2001, age 82. Husband of Golda (Sutton) Bragg. Bragg served in the US Article

Army in World War II and received two Purple Hearts while in Europe. Burial in Arlington, Virginia.

Browne, Carolyn Lewis

Obituary on death on October 3, 2000, age 84. Carol and husband George moved to Jackson in 1982. Both Article

were very active in volunteer work and received numerous awards including the Joseph D. Vaughn Award by

the New Hampshire State Committee on Aging.

Browne, William H.

Obituary on death on February 11, 2007. Moved to Jackson in 1982 and retired to Williamsville in 2000. Bill Article

was very active in the Jackson Community Church and the Jackson Hostorical Society.

Buchi, George H.

Obituary on death on August 28, 1998. He was a full professor at MIT and for 20 years was the Camile and Article

Henry Dreyfus Professor of Chemistry.

Burr, George Sterling

Obituary on death on November 13, 2003 - age 86. Born in Hopkington, MA, graduated from Phillips Andover Article

Academy and in 1940, from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Inventor of a machine which tested

tensile strength of materials. Moved to Jacks

Butler, John B. , Jr.

Obituary on death on May 24, 2001 age 70 years. Husband of Evelyn (Hureau) Butler. Butler owned and Article

operated the Iron Mountain House in Jackson for 40 years until his death.

Cahill, Charles A.

Obituary on death on January 24, 2004 - age 73. He and his wife, Joan Swift Cahill who survives, of 46 years Article

enjoyed summers in Jackson and winters in Sarasota, FL. Born on Boston in 1930, son of George F. and

Mary Murphy Cahill Law degree from New En

Cahill, James D. Jr.

Obituary on death on May 16, 2000 - age 74 - husband of Mary Elizabeth (Boland). Served in US Navy in Article

1948. Chairman & CEO of J.D. Cahilii & Co., Hampton, NH paperboard Manufacturer.

Carlson, Charles Gote

Obituary on death on September 2, 2002 in North Conway, NH age 77. Born in Gnarp, Sweden migrating with Article

his parents to the United States in 1926. Grew up in Whitman, Mass. Served as a corporal during World War

II with the 516th field artillery battali
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