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Northcountry Society

"The German-American BUND" presented to the Society at November 2001 Meeting of the Society by Donald Document

"The Oldest House in Jackson" presented to the Society at April 2002 Meeting by Alice Hill. Document

"Mindful Leadership - The Proctice of Continuous Consciousness in an Ever Changing World" presented to the Document

Society at September 2002 Meeting by Sean Gadman.

"l'Affaire de Bocarme" presented to the Society at March 20, 2003 Meeting by Richard Burack. Document

"The Struggle for Democracy in Russia" presented to the Society at September 11, 2003 Meeting by Sam Document

"Wet Shaving" presented to the Society at November 13, 2003 Meeting by Stan Bodkins Document

Protestant Chapel

Original & early copy of bid by Andrew Meserve for Pew Number 5 - November 2, 1846 Document

Write-up of 1998 Exhibit at Jackson Historical Society Document

Booklet issued at 150th year Celebration of P.C.A. Document

Share certificate issued to Joseph B. Trickey April 5, 1847 Document

Floor plan of Chapel showing ownership of pews. This early plan is not dated. There were a - 32 on main floor Document

and 10 in the balcony.

Notices of Annual Meetings og P.C.A. for years 1877, 1882, 1884, 1885. Document

The Jackson Players

Portfolio of photographs of actors and scenes of plays performed by the Jackson Players which was formed Book

in late 1948 and operated until the early 1950's. Plays were performed in the Jackson Town Hall and

neighboring towns. All of the actors were local

Thorn Mountain Tutoring

The Thorn Mountain Tutoring School and Camp was located on Thorn Mountain in Jackson under the direction of Brochure

George A. Bushee. The School was intended for boys who needed personal direction mentally and physically.

The Brochure is dated August 1915. In

Tin Mountain Conservation

Article in "Mountain Ear" on purpose of Center Article

Wildcat River Advisory

Draft of Wildcat Brook River Management Plan - October 14, 1997 Document

Minutes of Advisory Commission Meetings - February 21, 1996; September 10, 1997 Document
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