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The Jackson Villager

Photographs used in the Spring/Summer 2001 issue of the Villager Photograph

Photographs used in the Summer 2002 issue of the Villager Photograph

The Jackson Villager, a publication of the Jackson Historical Society, is at present (March 2001) published in Magazine

the Spring and Autumn of each year. The first issue was Spring 2000. A limited number of back copies are

available for $3.50 post paid.

The Mountain Rumble

The Rumble was a newsletter published almost daily by Dick May giving snow reports and tips on skiing. Article


Application to American Association for State & Local History for Merit Award September 17, 1979 Document

Series of Minutes of Jackson Historical Society meetings reporting on progress of book cost estimates Document

Article in "The Irregular" - December 5, 1978 announcing publication of "Yesterdays" Article

"YESTERDAYS - Lodging Places of Jackson and Their Recipes" by Margaret B. Garland - 1978 Published by Book

Jackson Historical Society. Located on book shelf
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