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Eastern Slope Ski School

April 1937 photograph - "Ski Pioneers - Bringing Hannes Schneider & Skiing to the Northeast U.S." Showing Photograph

Carroll Reed sending off the Valley's chosen to attend the Schneider Ski School in Austria. Shown are Tyler

Micoleau, Arthur Callan, Francis Sava

A scathing letter dated December 20, 1938 from Harvey Gibson to Benno Rybizka over a business Letter

Article "THANK'S CARROLL - The Legendary Ski Shop Makes a Turn" by Nick Howe. A condensed history of Article

Carroll Reed's ski shops..

History of the Eastern Slope Ski School and Carroll Reed by Tom Eastman written in 2001. This provides the Article

names of all the principals along with dates. (12 pages)

1936 photograph with Carroll Reed, Benno Rybizka, Arthur Doucette, Kay Reed, and Mary Bird. Photograph

1937 Eastern Slope Ski School brochure. Twelve instructors gave more than 6,000 lessons during the 1937-37 Brochure

Photograph of Saks Fifth Avenue store building in Jackson operated by Carroll and Kay Reed. Photograph

Article dated December 22, 1947 describing the timing error that shifted Brooks Dodge of the Eastern Slope Article

Ski Club fro first place to second place in the Franconia Ski Club giant slalom. Joe Jones was first..

Four humorous sketches of different ski positions by David Baker. Photograph

Photograph of Benno Rybizka ski instructor and founder of Hannes Schneider Sk i School in Jackson , Photograph

Article in "Mountain Ear" - December 24, 1998 featuring John McDonald

Map and description of trails Article

Article in "Mountain Ear" - December 19, 1986 featuring Herbert Schneider and Dick May


Jackson Ski Touring Club News - 1994 Article

Article in "Conway Daily Sun" on new home for Jackson Ski Touring - August 15, 1998 Article

1986 photograph of early ski instructors celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Eastern Slope Ski School. Photograph

Shown are Carroll reed, Bill Zeliff, Kay Reed, Bob Morrell, Dick May, Arthur Doucette, Terry Tannehill, and

Jackson Ski Club

Group photo of Jackson Skiing Legends on 50th Anniversary in 1986. Photograph

Brochure on Club and its location at former Glen Ellis House. Poster for "Skitillions" program during the 1938- Brochure

39 winter season

Jackson Ski Touring Assn

1972 Trail Map Map

S-Kimo's Ski Club

General information about the club that is a member of the Eastern Inter-Club Ski League, which comprises Document

about 30 ski clubs in the Mt. Washington Valley. S-Kimo's is located next to the Wildcat Tavern in Jackson.

Large enough to sleep 60 people

Thorn Mountain Ski Area

Articles from 1948 and 1949 about Thorn Mountain Article

Post Card showing practice slopes - transferred to Postcard Book Post Card
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