"The Art of Frank H. Shapleigh" with several newspaper articles Book

Account of display of Shapleigh paintings in "The Irregular" March 14, 1979 Article

Article in Valley Gallery, September 1979, on architecture of Shaleogh's house (Maple Knoll).
Designed by

William Ralph Emerson who also designed the Jackson Public Library.

Copy of Jackson Historical Society 1998 Exhibit "19th Century White Mountain Artists in Jackson" Document

Turner, Charles

Several documents including catalog of an exhibition of Turner paintings held by Alfred J. Walker Fine Art, Document

Boston; biographical details from archives of Boston Public & New York Public Libraries; photographs of

paintings in Tuck Museum of Hampton (NH)

Series of photographs from glass plates auctioned from Turner's home in Jackson. The numerous unidentified Photograph

people depicted appear to be relatives. Many photos of the interior to the house. Glass plates are stored on

shelf. Moved to Turner Photographs

Series of photographs and transpariencies showing stages of restoration of pastel portrait of an unknown lady. Photograph

This portrait was found in 2000 in Turner's abandoned studio at his home in Jackson. Restored by Nine Rayer

of Portland, Maine.

Photograph of Turner from John Henderson web site. Moved to Turner Photographs Code #2975 in Photograph

Description of Turner Items in 1998 Jackson Historical Society Exhibit Document

Williams, Mabel Josephine

Brochure for Exhibit "Pastels of the White Mountains" at Regis College November/December, 1997 Brochure

Biographical information in flyer at Art Show at Eagle Mountain House May 7, 1999 Article

Shows Studio in Jackson; from Williams to friend; August 2, 1937 Post Card

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