19th Century White Mountain School of Art Paintings

Alfred T. Ordway, attrib 1821 - 1897

Mt Washington from the Saco $1,800.00

Oil on canvas; 9" x 14" image

Unsigned; reproduction frame.

William F. Paskell 1866 - 1951

Mt Chocorua from Chocorua Lake $1,800.00

Watercolor; 7" x 13.5" image

Signed lower left "Wm. Paskell"; original gilt matt and frame under original glass.

Boat on River $700.00

Oil on canvas; 20" x 25" image

Signed lower left.

Bridge on River $700.00

Oil on canvas; 20" x 25" image

Signed lower left.

John Pope 1820 - 1880

Big Mount Coolidge, Village of Woodstock from Lincoln $7,500.00

Oil on board; 36" x 24" image

Signed lower left.

Martha Safford, attrib 1850 - 1912

On the Intervale, North Conway $1,200.00

Oil on canvas; 9.25" x 15.25" image

Antique frame; attrib

John White Allen Scott 1815 - 1907

Trout Brook, Moat Mountain NH $3,000.00

Oil on canvas; 14" x 10" image

Antique frame

Frank Henry Shapleigh 1842 - 1906

Old Barn $7,000.00

Oil on canvas; 10" x 16" image

Unsigned; shows a well sweep through the open door; exhibited in the "Shapleigh from the Inside Out" exhibition at

the Museum of White Mountain Art at Jackson.

Old Milll, Jackson, NH $13,225.00

Oil on canvas; 13" x 10" image

Signed lower left; dated 1882; signed en verso with location; on the Wildcat River below Jackson Falls.

Old House in Bartlett $2,800.00

Watercolor; 9.5" x 13.5" image

Signed lower right; antique frame.

Old Trough at Jackson $7,500.00

Oil on canvas; 12" x 8" image

Signed lower right, dated 1879 and on verso; period "Shapleigh" frame; this trough was the catchment at Perkins

Spring located on Perkins Farm (now the Christmas Farm Inn) on Black Mountain Road. North Moat is in the


Old Barn in Jackson $13,500.00

Oil on canvas; 10" x 16" image

Signed lower left and on verso; period "Shapleigh" frame. We do not know of any other Shapleigh barn scene that

shows people at work inside, making this painting quite rare.

Old Kitchen in Bartlett $11,500.00

Oil on canvas; 10" x 16" image

Signed lower right and dated 1883; period "Shapleigh" frame". This kitchen scene is unusual in that the door is

closed and a fully equipped 19th century is depicted.
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