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American Ski Annual - 1954

This book is of interest for article on Brookie Dodge, of Jackson, winner of U.S. Eastern Amateur Ski Book

Association's downhill championship on Wildcat Mountain.


Personal Bible of George P. Trickey - Christmas 1873. In perfect condition. Book

Do's and Dont's for Safe Skiing

2 books Do's and Dont's for Safe Skiing and Tyrol school of Skiing. Both published in 1937. Book

Madbury, Poor Relief in

Book titled "Poor Relief in Durham, Lee, and Madbury, NH 1732 - 1891. Details of relief programs during this Book

period. Of interest as first settlers in Jackson came from Madbury. They named the first settlement New

New Hampshire, State of

The Constitution of New Hampshire as presented at the Constitutional Convention on the first Wednesday of Book

December, 1876. This is the Constitution as altered and amended by the convention

Report by Adjudant General, dated January 1, 1945, to The General Court on the design of the State Flag and Book

regulations governing its use.

Northeast Retreat, The

The Northeast Retreat (of 1759 - 1981) by Joe Haas in 1981. A collection of articles conraining histotical lore Book

and Indian legends of the White Mountains.

Snow Shoe Section - AMC

Book covering period 1882 - 1911 of AMC Snow Shoe Section with list of activities at Eagle Mountain House Book

and Iron Mountain House in Jackson.

Soltaire (Willey Slide)

Soltaire, a novel by Jackson native George Franklyn Willey - "A Romance of the Willey Slide and the White Book

Mountains" written in 1902. Book is dedicated to General Marshall C. Wentworth.

Webster, Daniel

Address by William E. Chandler at Daniel Webster Birth Place Celebration at Franklin, NH on August 28, 1913. Book

White Mountains of New

Published in 1910 by the Boston & Maine Railroad. Many pictures and a map of their routes in the northeast, Book
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