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Boston Post Cane Awards

Citation from New Hampshire's Governor, Jeanne Shaheen, commemorating to award of Jackson's Boston Document

Post Cane to Betty Whitney, age 96. The Cane was presented by Selectmen Frank Difruscio and Dee

McClave at the Annual Meeting of the Jackson Historical So

Book "The Granite State's Boston Post Canes - a New England Tradition" by Barbara Staples - 1999. A history Book

of tradition started by Edwin Atkins Grozier - owner, editor and publisher of the Boston Post newspaper in

1909. A gold mounted walking cane wa

Excerpt from book "The Granite State's Boston Post Canes" on the first Jackson recipient - George N. Merrill Article

on September 5, 1909.

Letter from Town of Jackson dated November 4, 1982 on presentation to Louise Proctor Document

Hand written notation of cane awarded to Marian H. Wentworth on June 11, 1987 Document

Article in "The Reporter" - October 17, 1979 on presentation to Bertha Magoon Article

Letter from Warren Schomaker - March 31, 1999 - to Board of Selectmen suggesting preservation of cane, and Document

reply from Selectmen rejecting proposal.

Article on presentation to William H. Proctor Sr. on May 2, 1985. Same article states that his wife Louise was Article

the previous holder of the Cane.

Louise Proctor was presented with Cane in November 1982 Article

Article on presentation to Victor Ferguson, age 90 years, on June 15, 2005. Article

Jackson's Boston Post Cane is now secured in a locked case in the Jackson Town Office. A medallion for Article

each holder is attached to the case.

Same article about Bertha Magoon mentions Eva Fernald was previous holder Article

Article on presentation to Flossie Gile March 2005 on her 100th birthday. Article

Centennial Celebration of

Program of Celebration in Jackson July 4, 1878. This celebrated the arrival in 1778 of Benjamin Copp. The Document

legal date of Incorporation of the town of Adams, now Jackson, is December 4, 1800.

Address by Daniel C. Pinkham at Centennial in Jackson Document

Jackson Community Profile

Report on public Meeting April 5 & 6, 2002 conducted by Univerity of New Hampshire to create a Community Document

Profile and encourage citizen participation in town-wide projects and prioities. Attendance was enthusiastic with

Jackson's Bicentennial

Proclamation from NH Governor Shaheen Document

Citation from United States Congressional Record. Document

Minutes of Meetings of Bicentennial Steering Committee, Budgets and Income & Expense statements Document

Series of articles, programs, etc. recording events in January, July, October & December, 2000. Official date Article

was December 4, 2000.

Dozens of photographs and video of all events. Moved to Jackson's Bicentennial Photographs Code #2985 in Photograph

Photographs Group.

New Hampshire Bicentennial
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