Grants and Locations

Bean's Purchase

Map of Bean's Purchase. Also shows Gridley, Wentworth, Rogers, Treadwell and Fowles Locations Map

Deed for land purchased by Alpheus Bean; May 22, 1832 Deed

Extension give by State of New Hampshire for payment of Bean's Purchase; July 4, 1834 Document


Two part "History of Dundee" by Ann Bennett in "The Mountain Ear" August 25, 1994 Article

Article in Boston Daily Globe February 25, 1948 with details of a winter trip to Dundee. Article


Plan showing grants from surveys made from 1863 to 1867 and 1882 Document

Description of Early Grants with history & maps Document

Gilman's Location

Schematic Chronology from Gilman, 1771 to Joseph Trickey, 1801 - from "Gilman's Location" by Meg Garland Document

Letter dated January 26, 2002 from David B. Ingram offering corrections to a number of errors in Garland's Document

book "Gilman's Location". The Society's copy of this book is on shelf.

Land in Gilman's Location deeded by Joseph B. Linscott to Daniel G. Smith; November 6, 1854 Deed

Gridleys Location

Section on Jackson in "New Hampshire Town Names" book by Elmer Munson Hunt. Mentions that Jackson Article

originally consisted of several large land grants with particular emphasis on the Gridley Grant. Also some

biographical information on Richard Gridley.

Pinkham's Grant

Minutes of survey of Daniel Pinkham's Grant; September 12, 1839 - from Pinkham's Day Book in Jackson Document

Resolution for conveyance of land for road and requirement of bond; June 25,1830 Document

Resolution requiring bond for road construction; July 3, 1829 Document

Resolution to complete road from Adams to Randolph; June 26, 1827 Document

Resolution by State of New Hampshire for land granted to Daniel Pinkham; June 16, 1824 Document

Resolution for conveyance of land for road; July 4, 1834 Document

Prospect Farm

"Fragments That Remain" an interpretive guide to Prospect Farm, Jackson published in 1989
by Tin Mountain

Conservation Center and the Jackson Conservation Commission.

Brochure entitled "The Wonders of Prospect Farm" prepared by the 4th Graders at Jackson Grammar School Document

June 2001. This was a project to research and study the history, flora, fauna and habitat of Prospect Farm.

An archaeological dig was made in one of

Folder containing maps, sketches and miscellaneous information Document

History prepared by Meg Garland; August 1986 Document
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