Resources on Hotels and Lodging Places

Abbott Cottage

Article from "Yesterdays" with history of cottage and house. Became known as Abbott's Ski Lodge Article

Brookside Farm

Article from "Yesterdays" with history of owners and house. Operated as a guest house from 1917 to 1942

Chocorua Peak House

Story of the Chocorua Peak Houe, a three story hotel accommodating twenty-five guests, built on the slope Book

of Mount Chocorua in 1891. I t blew down on September 26, 1915.

Christmas Farm Inn

Shows the Inn when it was operated as Perkins' Cottages by C.B. Perkins. also includes an analysis of the Photograph

water from Perkins' Spring.

Article from "Yesterdays" with early history. The small cape unit was originally the home farm of Rufus Article

Brochure for Winter 1982-83 with rates Brochure

Letter from Hollis Hammond - February 16, 1988 recounting some incidents after his purchase of old Perkins Document

summer boarding house the week prior to Pearl Harbor Day (December 7, 1941). He changed the name to

Account of opening of Yesterdays restaurant on July 1, 1982 Article

Article in "Mountain Ear" July 9, 1982 with report of 6th "Annual Christmas in July Party" Article

Cliff Cottage (Thor Lodge)

Article from "Yesterdays" with history of owners and house. Article

Early brochure - building is now (1998) drifters Ski Lodge on Carter Notch Road Brochure

Dana Place Inn

Article from "Yesterdays" with history of owners and house. Article

Article from "People Magazine" - April 28, 1985 with length story on murders at Dana Place Inn Article

Article with photograph of Fern Cliff Farm, now Dana Place Inn Article

Article in Boston Globe of murder of Page Jennings and murders of her parents Malcolm & Elizabeth Jennings Article

Account of finding charred bones in a burned shack near Gainesville, Florida. Anthropologist, William Maples, Article

identified the remains to be those of Clyde Earl Meek, wanted for the murder of Malcolm & Elizabeth Jennings,

and Page Jennings.

Eagle Mountain House

1914 photograph of original building built in 1879, destroyed by fire in 1915. Moved to Eagle Mountain House Photograph

Photographs Code 2800 in Photographs Group.

Photograph showing wing added in 1929. Moved to Eagle Mountain House Photographs Code # 2800 in Photograph

Photographs Group.

View of Eagle Mountain House from Thorn Mountain. Moved to Eagle Mountain House Photographs Code Photograph

#2800 in Photographs Group.

Boundary line agreement between Gale and Pitman to separate the EMH property from Pitman's barn-yard and Document
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