Resources on Landmarks in Jackson

Bridge on Valley Cross Road

Steel bridge spanning the Wildcat River at the head of the Jackson Falls was dedicated in 1905. Plaque lists Description

Selectmen at that time - J.B. Hurlin, L.A. Fernald, D.P. Charles.

Chocorua Peak House

A short history of the Chocorua Peak House, a three story guest house built in 1891 on Mt. Chocorua and Book

blown off the mountain in a severe windstorm on September 26, 1915.

Ditson House Watertower

Photograph of the landmark watertower all that remained after the fire that destroyed the Ditson House. The Photograph

tower was later demolished by Bob Temple.

First Church Building

Article in "The Reporter" July 14, 1981. Includes brief mention of the original 1803 Free-Will Baptist Church Article

building now sited at Christmas Farm Inn

First Settler in Jackson

Marker in south end of Village Park next to the Wildcat River - "IN 1778 THE FIRST SETTLER BENJAMIN Miscellaneo


Iron Mountain (Jericho) Road

Arricle 1n The Reporter in 1937 by Harry Kittredge. Describes history and route of road from South line of Article

Jackson through "Jericho, in Bartlett".

Jackson Falls Historic District

Complete documentation for the Application and Listing of the Jackson Falls Historic District on the National Document

Register of Historic Places by the United State Department of the Interior in March 2003. The District is

comprised of seven privately owned an

Jackson River-Walk

Stone Marker lists "Friends of the Walk" - Jack Frost Shop; Marjorie T. March; Edward T. March; Tim& Sheila Miscellaneo

Scott; Tom & Dot Burr; George S. Burr Jr.; Lee Harmon; Peggy Frost; Rocky Bach; Nordic Village Resort;

Nestlenook Farm Resort

This Walk is situated in the Village Park along the east bank of the Wildcat River. As of September 1999 there Miscellaneo

are 7 benches, 6 of which have dedications - Anne Mogg; Phyliss Ann Jackson; Goeorge S. Burr Jr.; Freman

W. Frost; Tom & Dot Burr; "Happy 75th

Landmark Designation

Article describing procedure to obtail official designation from State of New Hampshire Article

Profile Rock (Washington

Deed and letters concerning dispute over location of Profile Rock Document

Profiles, Boulders, Rock

A listing of 24 of the most prominent natural landmarks in the White Mountains Document

Town Stone Pound

Description of Jackson's Stone Pound built in 1865 on Anna Pinkham Pitman's father's land. Taken down in Article

1916 and stones were used for foundation of barn built by Winthrop.
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