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Maps of Carroll County, N.H. -

Book containing reproductions of 38 old maps, including 2 of Jackson Book

Maps of Jackson

List of Heads of Families, with children born to 1870, who are located on map drawn by George E. Gale - map Document

is located in frame (#2 above)

Map of Jackson made from memory by George E Gale in January, 1941, showing residence locations, roads Map

and rivers prior to 1865 & 1868. Located in frame.

Plan of Jackson compiled from the Cyrus F. Pinkham Plan dated December 6, 1839. By F. H. Dewart, Map

Burlington, VT, September 1910. Located in Frame

Hand drawn map of Jackson Village showing Trickey land. Believed to be drawn by JosephB. Tricky. No date. Map

From estate of Edward T March. Located in frame.

2 maps of Jackson showing various grants. No date. Donated by Chadbourne estate. Located in frame. Map

Map of Jackson - enlargement from page 33 of "Old Maps of Carroll County". Located in frame. Map

"The Old Maps of Carroll County, N.H. in 1892"; published November, 1892; includes Jackson - page 33 Book

Map & description of survey dated October 12, 1772. Location to be determined. Document

Map of Jackson of survey in 1806 with later notations on copy by George Meserve in 1886. Copy of map Map

owned by Richard May (1998). Located in frame.

Maps of New Hampshire

"Carrigain Map" from survey by Philip Carrigain, State of New Hampshire Surveyor - dated 1816. Map was Map

restored by North East Document Center in Andover, Mass. in 1998 Located in frame.

Copy of map of Province of New Hampshire by Samuel Holland - March 1, 1784 Located in frame Map

Copy of map of New Hampshire by Samuel Lewis - 1794. Located in frame Map

Copy of composite of several maps including 1756 by Samuel Langdon; 1780 by Ebenezer Smith; 1784 by Map

Samuel Holland

Article in 1997 issue of The Historical New Hampshire "The Making of the Carrigain Map of New Hampshire, Article


NH/ME Border Settlement

An Act by State of New Hampshire for a co-operative survey of boundary line between New Hampshire & Document
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