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Abenaki Indians

Articles in Conway Daily Sun - August 30, 2001 and Manchester Union Leader - August 22, 2001 reporting that Article

State Archeologist, Gary Hume, agrees with the Abenaki Nation of New Hampshire in their battle with Squam

Lakes Natural Science Center's plans for

Article in "The Reporter" - November 19, 1980 on talk given by Stephen Laurent (Chief of Abenaki Indians) to Article

Jackson Historical Society. Talk covered many subjects including tribe's diet, language, migrations, etc.

Article in "The Reporter" - December 10, 1980 with report on battle in May 1725 between Captain John Lovell's Article

34 Massachusetts Rangers and 80 Abenaki Indians at Lovell Pond (now Lovewell, Maine). The Indians were

known as "Pigwackets" and were chased fr

Article in "Northern Light" - March 17, 1981 on Town of Intervale, NH. Includes mention of Abenaki Indians and Article

White Mountain Artists

Article in "Northern Light" - October 6, 1981 on origins of Abenaki language Article

Article in "New Hampshie Profiles" July 1973 on Joseph Laurent - Grand Chief of the Abenakis Article

Article from Boston Globe September 18, 1988 on preservation of Abenaki language Article
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