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White Mountains

Appalachia Magazine - December 1946. Article by John Olsen on construction of The Daniel Pinkham Road Book

from Jackson (then called Adams) to Randolph (then called Durand). This road is now called The Dolly Copp

Refer to December 1946 issue of Appalachia Magazine (above). Article states that the name"Pinkham Notch" Book

seems to have come into use in about 1851. Before that the lands through Pinkham Notch were known as

"Pinkham Woods". A still earlier name was "Ea

Document titled "Eras of White Mountain Social History" with excerpts from "Chronicles of the White Document

Mountains" by Frederick W. Kilbourne - Houghton Mifflin Co.

Wildcat River

Article in "Valley Visitor" June 9, 1988 on effort to have Wildcat River protected as part of Wild & Scenic River Article

6 photographs showing high water on Jackson Falls November 8, 1963 Photograph
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