Photographs Available in Archives

Abbott Family Photographs

1953 Photo of Marshall Wentworth Abbott & Ida Meserve Abbott Photograph

Abbott's Farm Photographs

Late 1930's photographs of Abbott's farm at top of Green Hill Road. Also photo of Jesse Abbott. Photograph

Black Mountain Photographs

View of Black Mountain Pasture from Howard Pasture, 1914. Photograph

Carter Notch Photographs

3 early views along Carter Notch Road (2 winter & 1 summer). Bend of road beyond Elkins House - leading to Photograph

Gill Bridge - bend beyond Gill Bridge.

Aerial photograph of valley from Eagle Mountain House. Photograph

Davis Photographs

Kenneth Davis as a young man Photograph

See Lang Photographs for photo of Eleanor (Davis) Lang as a small child. Photograph

Dolloff Photographs

2 photographs - Cora Dolloff and Ella Dolloff. Photograph

Eagle & Spruce Mtns.

View of Eagle and Spruce Mountains from Thorn Mountain Photograph

Eagle Mtn. House Photographs

1914 photo of original building built in 1879, destroyed by fire in 1915. Photograph

Photo of building built after 1915 fire. Photograph

Photo showing wing added in 1929. Photograph

View of Eagle Mountain House from Thorn Mountain. Photograph

Numerouse photos developed by Ken Modrovsky from glass plate negatives taken by Church circa 1900. Photograph

Numerous photographs of EMH taken by Church and several older of scenes from the House. Also check Photograph

for other photographs Hotel/Lodging section.

Fernald Photographs

5 photographs - Maud Fernald (as baby), Mary Fernald, Eva (Davis) Fernald, Fred Fernald (?),
Arthur or

Harold Fernald in World War I uniform.

Gale Photographs

Photograph of Katherine Gale as a young lady. Photograph

Glen Ellis House Photographs

2 very early photos - one of guests on porch; the other of the House. Photograph
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