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Lang, Eleanor Davis (Davis)

Obituary on death on October 15, 1998 Article

Laurent, Stephen

Obituary on death May 27, 2001 age 92 years. Born on Odanack Abenaki settlement in Quebec. Laurent was Article

the son of Abenaki Chief Joseph Laurent who brought his people from Quebec to Intervale, NH in 1884 where

a monument was erected in 1959 and is now

Linne J., Robert Lester

Obituary on death on July 23, 2006 age 51. Born at Fort Sill, Okla. on August 9, 1954 to Ernine linne anf late Article

Robert Lester Linne, Sr. Family moved to Jackson in 1971. Graduate of Kennett High School and later taight

there. A U.S. Coast Guard vetera

Linne, Ernine

Obituary on death on January 21, 2008, age 76. Born in Seekonk, MA. Attended University of Rhode Islad. Article

Moved to Jackson in 1970. At one time a part-owner of Whitney's Inn, Black Mountain Ski Area, and Joe Jones

Loeser, Paul Jr.

Obituary on death August 4, 2000 age 89 years. Husband of Lenore Loeser who died in 1988. Loeser was Article

born in Dresden, Germany on May 11, 1911, moved to United States in 1932, graduated from City College of

New York and joine U.S. Army in 1938 joining

Lunt, W. Robert

Obituary on death on September 16, 1994. He served in the U.S. Army. Article

MacInnis, Annie

Died age 91 (year unknown). Lifelong resident of Jackson. Article

Maloney, Susan (English)

Obituary on death on April 21, 1999 Article

March, Edward T.

Obituary on death on June 1, 1997 Article

Mason, Pauline Harding

Obituary on death August 15, 2003 age 78. Born in Chelsea, Mass. to Jack Hunter and Frances Pilkune Article

Harding. during World War ii she was an Army Cadet nurse stationed at Otis Air Force Base in Mass. She and

her husband, Donald who survives, moved to J

Matesky, Wanda P.

Obituary on death on April 21, 2007 age 84. Born in West Branch, New York on March 16, 1923 daughter of Article

Raymond and Nora (Drake) Potter. Spent most of her life in Circleville, Ohio before moving to Jackson in

2005. Her son David Matesky is a resident

May, Richard Tunis

Obituary on death on November 19, 1999. He served in the 10th Mountain Division of the U.S. Army and was Article

a veteran of World War II.

May, Willard R.
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