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May, Willard R.

OBituary on death on November 27, 2003 - age 91. Born in Waban, MA. Moved to Jackson after serving in Article

Army in World War II , had a wood working shop behind the Wildcat Tavern with his brother, Jake. Moved

away and returned to Jackson in 1980. Brother

McLane, Malcolm

Obituary on death on February 2, 2008, age 84. Graduate of St. Paul's School, he served as an officer in the Article

Air Force in World War II. He flew 73 missions before being sot down during the Battle of the Bulge in 1944.

Spent remainder of war as a Germa

McManus, Anna

Obituary on death February 8, 2003 age 82. Born January 11, 1921 in Geislingen, Germany. Emigrated to the Article

United States in 1949 and moved with her husband, James Arbuckle, to Jackson in 1959. They purchased

Abbott's Store and renamed it Arbuckle's (no

Merrill, George N.

Obituary from "The Granite State's Boston Post Canes". Died May 6, 1912. He served in the Union Army and Article

was a veteran of the Civil War.

Meserve, General George P.

Obituary on death september 19, 1884 age 86 years. Married to Harriet Eastman. Grandson of Captain Article

Jonathan Meserve of the British Army who revolted and fought in the Revolutionary War. Son of Colonel

Jonathan Meserve one of the first settlers in Jack

Meserve, Harriet Eastman

Obituary on death on her birthday April 18, 1893 age 90 years. Widow of General George P. Meserve. Article

Daughter of Susannah Runnels and Richard Eastman of North Conway.

Meserve, James Munroe

Obituary on death February 16, 1906, age 88 years. Born in Jackson July 16, 1817. son of Nathaniel Article

Meserve who was son of Jonathan Meserve. Married Martha T. Meserve in 1846. Three chilldren Jonathan E.

proprietor of Hawthorne Cottage, Willard A. pro

Meserve, Nancy Lovejoy

Obituary on death on July 16, 1902 age 73 years. Born in Jackson October 19, 1829 daughter of William Article

Eastman; granddaughter of Reverend Daniel Elkins, first minister of Jackson. Jackson Postmistress 1851 -

1891 (with husband); wife of Oliver P. Meserv

Meserve, Oliver P.

Obituary on death November 23, ???? age 68 years. Jackson Postmaster 1852 - 1890; member New Article

Hampshire State Legisature 1861 - 1862. Husband of Nancy Lovejoy (Eastman) Meserve.

Meserve, Orman H.

Obituary on death (no date) age 81 - born in Jackson and lifelong resident -husband of Rena (Rogers) Meserve Article

Meserve, Rena L.

Obituary on death January 5, 2003 age 98. Born in Bartlett daughter of Selden and Mary (Fernald) Rogers. Article

Moved to Jackson in the late 1920's. Worked for many years in several Jackson hotels. Her son Roger O.

Mesreve lives in Cape Canaveral, FL. Her

Meserve, Willard A.
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