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Pinkham, Clara Estelle

Obituary on death on September 27, year unknown. Born in Whitefield, New Hampshire daughter of Rev. Article

George Hayesinkham and Susan Eastman Meserve Pinkham. Related to several Jackson families.

Pinkham, Evelyn

Obituary on death on June 10, 1977 - age unknown. Widow of Albert D. Pinkham. Burial in Whitefield, NH. Article

Pinkham, George

Obituary on death on March 31, 1905 age 71 years. Born in Jackson on February 27, 1829. Married in 1855 to Article

Emily Sleeper Trickey.

Proctor, Louise (Sellew)

Article on obituary on death May 24, 1984 Article

Proctor, William H. Sr.

Obituary on death of William Proctor, Sr. on November 20, 1986, age 94. Owned and operated Wilson Article

Cottages in Jackson after taking over from his father. As Jackson's oldest resident he was the holder of the

Boston Post Cane as was his late wife, Louise

Obituary on death on November 20, 1986. Article

Proctor, William H., Jr.

Obituary on death on August 7, 2004 - age 81. Born in Portland, Maine grew up in Jackson helping on his Article

family's farm and their summer inn, Wilson Cottages. A teacher at Kennett High School in Conway, NH.

Survived by Susan (Keene) and his sister Alic

Quinn, John J.

Obituary on death on November 16, 2007, age 82. Served as a Flying Tiger in Burma and India in World War Article

ii. He was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross. A part-time resident of Jackson.

Quint, Richard F. Sr.

Obituary on death April 4, 2007 Age 81. Killed in a car accident in Pennsylvania Born in Jackson and a life- Article

long resident. Survived by his wife Gloria and an only son Richard F. Jr.

Randall, Earl B.

Obituary on death on October 5, 2000, age 73. Per his wishes no services or details of life. Article

Roberts, Blanche E.

Blanhe Roberts born February 10, 1919 - died March 12, 1920. Parents Clifford Roberts & Gwendolyn Fernald Document

Roberts. Birth certificate and death photograph attached.

Roberts, Earl

Obituary on death March 17, 2003 age 86. Born in Jackson on June 16, 1916 son of Clifford and Gwendolyn Article

(Fernald) Roberts, he was the oldest living "native" pf Jackson. Roberts had a small farm on Dundee Road.

Roberts, Freda P.

Obituary on death on March 5, 2007 age 90. Born in Jackson January 9, 1917 to Lloyd and Lenore (Hayes) Article

Johnson. Her husband Roger "Bucky" Roberts died in 1984. Three sons Eugene of Jackson, Lynn of Glen,

and Ivan of Bryant Pond, ME.
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