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Meserve, Willard A.

Obituary on death on May 6, 1948, born in Jackson July 1, 1857 son of Martha Meserve and James Monroe Article

Meserve. Grandson of General George P. Meserve. His parents established the first Iron Mountain House

which burned around 1880. In 1885 he built a ne

Miller, E. Bruce

Obituary on death on August 20, 2005, age 91 years. Spent lifetime in various capacities in Civi Aviation both Article

domestic and international. survived by his wife, one son, and one daughter.

Moreton, David O.

Obituary on death on December 11, 2002 age 80 years. David and his wife Barbara moved to Jackson in Article

1955. David was a man of many, and varied talents - served in Army Air Force in World War II; degree in

architecture from Cooper Union; Cahairman of Jac

Morton, Meredith Anne,

Obituary on death on April 4, 2008., age 67. Born in Jackson, September 1, 1941. Well known for her Article

watercolors of White Mountain scenes and floral scenes which she exhibited in her own gallery in Jackson.

Her father and grandfather designed and built

Mosely, Helen MacArthur

Obituary on death on July 15, 2006 age 86. Wife of late Dr. Herbert Frederick Mosely of Montreal, Canada Article

and Palm Beach, Fla. Born in Toronto, Canada of American parents may 21, 1920. Moved to Jackson in

1986. Graduated from Oberlin College and recei

Ninow, Lisa F.

Obituary on death on November 24, 1990 - age 81. Moved to Jackson in 1967. See obituary of husband, Deed

Otto Ninow, for life details.

Ninow, Otto

Obituary on death on February 19, 1996, age 85 years. Born in Bremen, Germany. as an undesirable half-jew Article

he served in both Nazi and Russian labor camps, narrowly escaping death by firing squad. All 21 memmbers

of Otto's family died in the Holocaust..

Philbrook, Douglas

Obituary in Conway Daily Sun on death on August 31, 2001 - ahe 85. Philbrook enlisted in Marine Corps in Article

1943 and served in Pacific Theater in World War II. Anaged Mt. Washington Auto Road from 1965 to 1987.

Had most extensive private collection of Wh

Pillion, Jeff

Obituary on death on June 24, 2008. Resident of Naples, Florida, son of Fred & Anne Pillion of Jackson. Article

Pinkham, Albert D.

Obituary on death on September 5, 1952 - age unknown. Born in Whitefield, NH. Article

Pinkham, Benjamin Randell

Obituary on death April 26, 1887 in Lancaster, NH, born in Jackson July 19, 1812.. His father Daniel Pinkham Article

built the road from Pinkham Notch to Randolph. This lengthy obituary contains much information about the

road and his life after the family lef

Pinkham, Clara Estelle
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