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Derrah, Jonathan Robert

Obituary on death on January 23, 2005 age 21 years. Born in Columbia, Maryland son of Robert E. and Article

Joanne C. Derrah of Jackson.

Di Fruscio, Elin

Obituary on death on June 27, 2001. Wife of Frank Di Fruscio a log-time Selectman of the Town of Jackson. Article

Elin was born and educated in Trondheim, Norway.

Dinsmore, Daniel, Jr.

Obituary on death on February 20, 2008, age 80. Born in Dundee (Jackson) son of Daniel, Sr. and Hilda Article

Dinsmore. Attended Parks Aeronautical College in St. Louis, MO and graduated as an aeronautical engineer.

Unti retirement he worked at Sikorsky Aircr

Dinsmore, Ida

Obituary on death (no date) age 79, Treasurer of Town of Jackson for 45 years. Article

Dorothy L. Schmidt

Obituary on death on August 6, 2003 in Colorado Springs, Colorado - age 88. A homeowner in Jackson for Article

more than 35 years. Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ellsworth Lancaster of North Conway, NH. Wife of late Dr.

Alfred O. Schmidt, a professor at Pennsylvani

Doucette, Rachel Randolph

Obituary on death on May 3, 2006 age 90. Born in Chestnut Hill, PA on November 14, 1915 to Evan Randolph Article

and Hope Carson Randolph. Attended Bennington College, Bennington, VT graduating in 1937 with a fegree in

visual arts. Pursued graduate level stud

Dreghorn II, George A.

Obituary on death January 9, 2003 age 46. Born in Taunton, Mass. and moved to Jackson in 1980. worked at Article

the Jack Frost Ski Shop and as a bartender at the Wildcat Tavern for 21 years.

Dreghorn, George A.

Obituary on death on November 27, 2002 in Jackson age 87. Born in Malden, Mass. Lived in Taunton, Mass Document

until moving to Jackson in 1980. U.S. Army veteran of World War II having served in the 10th Mountain

Division. An architect graduated fro the Bost

Dreghorn, Virginia E.

Obituary on death on December 19, 2000, age 78. Virginia and her husband, george, moved to Jackson in Article

1980. Virginia gradusted from St. Johnsbury Academy in 1939 and Taunton Business School in 1941. She

studied painting in Paris at Fountainebleau Scho

Drew, Alverta B.

Obituary on death on August 6, 1977, age 80 years. Born in Jackson on July 29, 1897 the daughter of Mr. & Article

Mrs. Edwin Fernald. Moved to Gorham after marriage to Irving Drew, and later to Jefferson, NH. Survived by

her husband, one son and five daughter

Drown, Caroline Persis

Obituary on death on April 24, 1924 - age 77. First husband was Charles Carroll Pendexter, second was Article

Parkman Drown. Daughter of Rev. Jonathan Gale and Caroline Persis (Staples) Gale.

Earle, Richard Blair 'Rink'
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