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Earle, Richard Blair 'Rink'

Obituary on death on October 16, 2007 age 92. Born in Cambridge, MA amd raised in Providence, RI. Article

Attended Guilford College in NC and Brown University. A long time ski instructor and a founding member of

the Professional Ski Instructors of America. H

Eastman, Ruth B.

Obituary on death on March 2, 1880 age 79 years. Widow of William Eastman. She had three daughters and Article

one "son", J.B. Trickey, who claimed her as mother, for he never knew another.

Elliott-Capozzi, Nancy J.

Obituary on death on March 22, 2007 age 74. Born January 21, 1933 in New York City daughter of Harry and Article

Roberta (Van Maldren) Niver. An accomplished violinist having performed at Carnegie Hall.

Emerson, Ashton

This information is taken from obituary of his wife, Lilian Emily Wylie Emerson. Ashton Emerson, a US Article

citizen, studied medicine at McGill University and then served in the U.S. Navy until 1955. During his service

he was President Truman's doctor on boa

Obituary on death on August 12, 1995 Article

Emerson, Lilian Emily Wylie

Obituary on death on June 26, 2000 - age 92.. born March 10, 1908 in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England. Moved Article

to Jackson 1n 1955 and moved to Vancouver, British Columbia in 1995. Wife of Ashton Emerson (see his

Emery, Susan Elkins

Obituary on death in Derry Village on June 14, ????. Born in Jackson July 14, 1832 daughter of William and Article

Ruth B. Eastman.

Fenderson, Maurice L. 'Moe'

Obituary on death on September 6, 2008, age 82. Served wih 3rd Division in Europe during Wotld War II. Article

Immediately after receiving a degree in mechanical engineerin from University of Maine in 1950 he was

recalledto active duty in Korea as a first liet

Fernald, Arthur E.

Obituary on death on April 15, 2007 age 53. Born April 19. 1953 in Jackson son of Lewis and Eunice Fernald. Article

Arthur lived his entire life in Jackson. Employed by the Town of Jackson for 36 years and had been road

agent for the past 20 years. Survived

Fernald, Eva May (Davis)

Obituary on death June 1, 1977. At that time she was 103 and Jackson's oldest resident. Article

Fernald, Lewis E.

Obituary on death on July 29, 2000, age 80. Lewis was born in Jackson and was active in all aspects of skiing Article

in Jackson. He was the Jackson fire chief for one year and a national forest fire warden foe many years.

Fernald, Lewis E.

Obituary on death July 29, 2000, age 80 years. Born in Jackson the son of Arthur and Alice (Wentworth) Article

Fernald. Survived by one son (Arthur) and three daughters. His first wife, Eunice (Griffin) Fernald

Fichera, Andrew Joseph, M.D.
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