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Hatch, Elizabeth H.

Obituary on death on May 25, 1989 - age 82 - born in Jackson and lifelong resident. Article

Hayes, Harold H.

Obituary on death August 25, 1966 age 70 years. Husband of Ruby Gariepy Hayes, son of Wallace and Etta Article

Abbott Hayes. Life long resident of Jackson. Worked at Eagle Mountain House for many years.

Hayes, Steven C.

Obituary on death on July 5, 2006 age 45. Resident of Jackson and a Bartlett native. Born March 25, 1961 to Article

David and RoseMarie Hayes of Bartlett. Steven had many vocations including that of writer, a teacher, a

Shakespearian actor, and a carpenter.

Heald, Marianne N.

Obituary on death on May 2, 2005 age 76 years. Born in Evanston, Illinois September 1, 1928 daughter of Article

George and Ethel Chase Nethercot. Moved to Jackson in 1972. Survived by her husband, Ross, one son and

Hechtle, Emil

Obituary on death December 21, 2003 age 96. Born in Germany and emigrated to the United States in 1927. Deed

He was educated as a master tool designer and was granted numerous patents for machinery used in mass

production of ball point pens. Moved to Jacks

Heistand, Elizabeth T.

Obituary on death on October 17, 1999 Article

Higgins, Craig J.

Obituary on death on July 28, 2003 age 39 years. Son of James and Irene Higgins of Snowville. Higgins was Article

a cook at the Wildcat Taverne in Jackson.

Hill, Lawson Traphagen

Obituary on death April 22, 2003 age 75. Born August 21, 1927. Trap was a veteran of World War ii. He Article

owned and operated several successful catalog mail order businesses. Resident of Jackson since 1979.

Hodgins, Beverly A.

Obituary on death on August 20, 2008, age 65. Born in North Conway, NH daughter of Roland & Carolyn Article

MacInnis. Grew up in Jackson.

Holloran, Robert T.

Obituary on death on August 30, 2008, age 89. Graduated from Westminster Institute with a degree on Article

architecture. Enjoyed a long career with firm of Shepley, Bulfinch, Richardson & Abbott workin on numerous

major projects in New England and rhge Smiths

Howard, James R.

Obituary on death on July 25, 2006 age 45. Born in Enid, OK on April 25, 1961. Gradusted from the U.S. Air Article

Force Academy. Jim rose to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel and retired from the Ait Force in 2005 suffering

from "Lou Gehrig" disease. His fathe

Hunt, Emily Gale

Obituary on death on September 12, 1958 - age 71 years. Born in Jackson on March 6, 1887, the daughter of Article

Cyrus E. and Marcia E. Gale. Married Frank M. Hunt of Waldeboro, Maine, a resort hotel operator, who died in
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