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Gale, Marcia E.

Obituary on death on May 12, 1943 age 86 years. widow of Cyrus E. Gale. Born in Jackson, February 4, Article

1858 the daughter of George and Emily Trickey Pinkham. Marcia and Cyrus established the Eagle Mountain

Gale, Rev. Jonathan

Report of his passing at age 82. Survived by Cyrus E., George E., and Mrs. Caroline Pendexter Drown. His Article

last words on the morning of his translation, while lifting his hands, with his eyes heavenward, were : "I am

almost home. Beautiful !. So beautifu

Gardella, Fred

Obituary on death on February 11, 2001, age 80. Hushand of late Helen Devlin Gardella. A Lieutenant in the Article

Army Air Corps during World War II. Piloted C-47's over the Himalayas between China, Burma and India. In

recent years he taught courses on this a

Garland, Margaret B. (Brown)

Obituary on death on November 14, 1994(?) Article

Garland, Winnefred B.

Obituary on death on September 6, 2002 in North Conway age 85. Born in Jackson, daughter of Wallace and Article

Ella (Clements) Abbott. Predeceased by her husband, Clyde C. Garland.

George-Collins, Virginia L.

Obituary on death on November 3, 2006 age 96. Born December 18, 1909 in Goffstown, NH.. Married Article

Herbert w, George of Grasmere MA in 1935 Moved to Jackson 1n 1973 and to Concord, NH in 1982. Herbert

died in 1985 and in 1991 she married William Collins

Gile, Flossie M.

Obituary on death on April 6, 2005, age 100 years. Born in Coneay but long-time resident of Jackson. Article

Elementary school teache from 1927 to 1944. Jackson Town Clerk for 25 years. Survived by one son.

Gile, Omer E.

Obituary on death on January 21, 1961 age 56 - husband of Flossie Gile Article

Goettler, Richard Alphonse

Obituary on death on October 20, 2007 age 87. Long time resident of Jackson. Served in US Army in World Article

War II and in the Battle of the Bulge.

Gray, C.W.

Obituary on death - date not mentioned. Gray built the first Gray's Inn (known as Sunset Hill) in 1885, rebuilt Article

aftar fires in 1902 and 1916.

Guptill, Frederick Merlin

Obituary on death on February 20, 2000 Article

Hanfield, Drew

Obituary on death on April 22, 1996 Article

Hatch, Elizabeth H.
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