Resources on People in Jackson

Roberts, Earl

Brochure of Memorial gathering of Earl's many friends arranged by Bill and Eleanor Woodason. Contains Document

many photographs of Earl from earlier days. Includes copy of Birth Certificate and copy of lineage from

Captain Joseph Pinkham and Issac Dearborn.

Roberts, Gwendolyn Maude

Certificate of Marriage to Jonathan C. Roberts on October 14, 1915. Her parents were Jerome K. Fernald and Document

Nellie M. Dearborn. Parent of Earl, Milton and Elizabeth Roberts.

Roberts, Jonathan C.

Certificate of Marriage to Gwendolyn Maude Fernald on October 14, 1915. His parents were James H. Roberts Document

and Elizabeth Dame. Parent of Earl, Milton and Elizabeth Roberts.

Rybizka, Benno

Article in The Irregular, November 30, 1976 recounting Rybizka's contributions to skiing after his arrival in Article

Stilphen, Catherine Trickey

Photograph of Catherine as young lady. Catherine was younger sister of Marjorie Trickey March Photograph

Synnott, Mark

Article in The Conway Daily Sun - July 31, 1999 reporting on completion of the climb of the Great Trango Article

Tower in Pakistan. Synnott was team leader for this first ascent.

3 page printout from web site listing Synnott's Climbing Accomplishments. As of this date, Document

August 2, 1999, 62 significant climbs are listed with 12 being first ascents and 5 second ascents. Synnott is a

member of The North Face Climbing Team

Temple, Robert

Article in Mountain Ear - July 20, 1995 about Jackson Historical Society fund raiser selling original 1876 purlin Article

nails from Covered Bridge.

Thompson, Harry A.

Letter date June 3, 1922 to a client about a pending case. Thompson was an Attorney-at-Law in Jackson Document

Thurlow, David

Article in The Mountain Ear June 28, 2001 describing a new company formed by David Thurlow of Jackson and Article

Dennis Sullivan of Eaton, NH. The first of many products is the Climate Backpack which serves as a

classroom tool to help teachers explain Earth's

Trerise, Jennie

Letter and photographs telling of her grandfather, Henry Hefler, who built his home in Jackson in 1888. The Letter

house still stands and, until recently, was operated as an antique shop by Ron Pelletier.

Trickey, George P.

4 photographs - 2 studio portraits of George; 1of George on horseback; 1 of George in group photo with staff Photograph

of Jackson Falls House

3 photographs showing - George with hotel guests; George with companions & deer after hunt; studio portrait of Photograph

Group photograph with George TRickey, Amsdens and Woodberrys dressed for tennis in Jackson, 1890 Photograph
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