Resources on People in Jackson

Pinkham, C.F.

Face & first page of Pinkham's Day Book - October 29, 1838. Copied from book in Jackson Library Document

Pinkham, Daniel Chesley

Photograph of Daniel's birthplace Photograph

Photograph of Daniel Photograph

Pinkham, George Hayes

Much later photograph of Pinkham (3 copies) Photograph

Later photograph of Pinkham Photograph

Photograph with wife Susan Eastman Meserve (married 1851) and children George Meserve Pinkham 1854- Photograph

1863 and Mary Susan Pinkham 1859-1863

Article from "Popular Biographics" with ordination & pastoral information Article

Pinkham, Rufus P.

Photograph of Rufus with wife Mary Trickey Photograph

Later photograph of Mary (2 copies) Photograph

Later photograph of Rufus (2 copies) Photograph

Late tintype of Mary Photograph

Pinkham, Susan Meserve

Later photograph of Susan Photograph

Photograph with daughter Mary Susan 1859-1863. See same image in family group filed under George Hayes Photograph

Much later photograph of Susan Photograph

Very late photograph of Susan with her sister Mary Quinby Photograph

Plaisted, Daniel E.

Earliest record in Town Records shows Daniel in Jackson in 1880, but not in 1870. According to deeds Daniel Document

purchased Overlook propert in 1874 and sold it in 1875. Purchased Manson Farm in 1876 and sold to George

Pinkham in 1882. There is no further r

Pond, Lilla M.

Autobiographical information. Lilla Pond was born November 11,1918 at West Roxbury, MA and currently Article

(12/22/99) resides at 80 Lincoln Street, Norwood, MA. She has been a seasonal resident of Jackson since

1919. Her grandfather built a cottage opposite

Proctor, Alice

2 photographs - Alice's first grade class of 1934 at Jackson Grammar School with all in photo identified. Photograph

Second grade class photo with no identification. Refer to WILSON COTTAGES under LODGING owned by the

Proctors for further information family.

Roberts, Earl
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