Resources on People in Jackson

Devellian, Richard

Article in Senior Living Quarterly - Winter 2003 (a Mountain Ear supplement) Extensive article extolling Dick's Article

early years, business experience, and his many contributions to Jackson through his cross country skiing, art

association, and biking activit

Dinsmore, Daniel

Daniel Dinsmore's Grade School Report Card 1936-7 and High School report Card 1944-5. Document

Dodge, Joe, Brooks &

Article in "The Mountain Ear" - April 29, 1999. Extensive story ofn this family and the many contributions they Article

have made to skiing and the Appalachian Mountain Club

Dolloff Family Geneology

Letter from Doris Arvilla Dolloff with geneology details Document

Doucette, J. Arthur

Photograph of Doucette as Santa Claus at Town Christmas party - 1975 Photograph

Article in "Mountain Ear" names Doucette as "The 1984 Ear of the Year" - December 28, 1984 Article

Article dated January 4, 1979 on Doucette's talk to Jackson Historical Society. Arthur's talk covered many Article

skiing subjects from the ski jumpp behind the Jackson Falls House, to his first meeting with Carroll Reed, to

Stanley Howe of Overlook making slim

Doucette, Rachel

Talk given by Rachel Doucette to Jackson Historical Society - April 1, 1981 on Early American Glass. Prior to Document

moving to Jackson Doucette was Curator of Glass Section in the Decorative Arts Department of the

Photograph at Christmas Party - 1975 Photograph

Doucette, Sean & Heath

Account of discovery in July 1994by Sean & Heath Doucette of human skeletal remains on the hiking trail to Article

the Madison Hut in the White Mountains.

Earle, Rink

Article in Mt. Washington Valley Signal january 20, 1973. Musician specializing in baroque music. Built his own Article

harsichord and clavichord. Ski instructor at wildcat Mountain.

Early Settlers

Old unsigned and undated account of first and other early settlers. Shows date of Benjamin Copp's arrival as Document

1775 - this is not correct, it was 1778. Other dates quoted should be verified.

Elkins Family Genealogy

Information from the New Hampshire Genealogical Rocord of Daniel Elkins and his descendants. Daniel was Document

the first church minister in Jackson. Also a series of letters written in the 1940's by Leon Whitney Elkins, the

family's unofficial family historia

Elkins, Daniel

Daniel Elkins' patrilinear ancestry and som of his descendants. He helped establish the Church of Christ In Document

Adams (now Jackson), a Free Will Baptist Church. He administered the order of Baptism at the first service

on January 4, 1804. He came to live
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