Resources on People in Jackson

Elkins, Daniel

Families in Jackson prior to

Alphabetival listing of heads of families resident in Jackson prior to 1870. Made from memory in 1941 by Document

George E. Gale in his 83rd year, and subject to error "if any be found".

Fernald, Arthur

Photograph of slain black bear that attacked Arthur Fernald in the 1920's. Bear is shown being carried by (L. to Photograph

R.) Fred Fernald, Robert Grant, Wint Dearborn

Fernald, Edward Walter

Will and Probate filed October 7, 1919. Document

Will and Probate dated October 7, 1919. A very small estate with $100.00 left to each of his 3 sons and 3 Document

Fernald, Eva (Davis)

Photograph of Eva at spinning wheel (now owned (1999) by Alice Pepper) with her mother Nancy (Elkins) Davis Photograph

and her neice Hazel Moody circa 1902. Eva is grand mother of Alice Pepper

Fernald, James & Mary Hodge

Descendants of James Fernald and Mary Hodge of Jackson, NH Document

Fernald, Jerome K.

Various deeds to Jerome Fernald property. Includes documentation of 1927 - 1930 boundry dispute between Document

Fernald an Hodge & Dame.

Certificate of Marriage dated September 13, 1894 for Jerome K. Fernald and Nelly Maude Dearborn. Document

Fitz, Walter Scott

Traces numerous other Fitz family members. Fitz made his fortune in the China shipping trade. Built the Fitz Document

Cottage c.1888 on Thorn Hill Road in Jackson. Brother-in-law of Edward Wigglesworth who built the neighboring

Wigglesworth Cottage.

Flint, Lawrence

Article in The Reporter dated November 15, 1978 on talk given by Flint to the Jackson Historical Society. His Article

talk was about his collection of antique tools. Flint was involved in the construction of the buildings on Mount

Washington and the Wentworth

Foss, Obidiah

Deed for land from Edward Perkins to Obidiah Foss recorded October 18, 1853 Deed

Gale, Cyrus Erwin

3 copies of "A Tribute to Mr. Gale" upon his death on December 31, 1923 Document

Work sheet for application to National Society, Daughters of the American Revolution with Gale family Document


Garland, Anne

Catalog of Anne's paintings exhibited at the Society's Gallery in June 2005. Document
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