Resources on People in Jackson

May, Richard Tunis

Photograph of May taken at celebration of 50 years by Jackson Skiing Legends in December, 1986 Photograph

Article in Conway Daily Sun November 22, 1999 in remembrance of May's life. Also Nicholas Howe's column. Article

Similar article in the Mountain Ear November 24, 1999

Remebrances offered by friends and relatives at Memorial Service for May on December 6, 1999 Document

Photograph of Dick May, Barbara Moreton and Jerry Baker at opening of Dick's Thompson House Shops - Photograph

Maynard, Elizabeth

Article in "Conway Daily Sun" - March 24, 1999 on Maynard being selected as Valedictorian for Kennett High Article

School for 1999. A first for a student from Jackson.

McAllister, Warren Chandler

Information from Marsha Boggs of Leesburg, Indiana - letter dated July 24, 2001. McAllister was her Document

grandfather and her grandmother was Florence Gertrude Wentworth. Marsha's parents Adelbert B. McAllister

and Florence Gertrude Wentworth McAllister are

Meserve Family Genealogy

Genealogy showing the line of John P. Meserve (earliest record of Meserve family dates from 1308 of Isle of Document

Jersey). Line includes Jackson's General George P. Meserve born 1798.

Meserve, Alice M.

Poem and lock of hair Memento at death of Alice in 1917. Born 1858. Wife of Willard A. Meserve 1857-1947. Document

"This lock of hair Alice wore - Tis now commited to your care - For you to have to look uppon - And think

of one whose dead and gone" (Sp

Letter to Alice from her Mother dated July 19, 1914 with family news, current weather report and daily Document

Meserve, Andrew J.

Application to Judge of Probate to have Andrew Meserve declared insane and John Meserve aapointed Document

Guardian - February 5, 1867.

Meserve, George P.

List of first two generations of descendants of George Meserve. Document

Letter from Edson Hill, Treasurer of State expressing regret that Meserve could not be appointed Judge of Document

Probate - December 15, 1851

Appointment as Justice of the Peace - July 3, 1847; June 14, 1852; June 13, 1857; June 14, 1862 Document

Appointment as Sheriff of Coos County May 21, 1839 Document

Meserve, Henry L.

Several documents relating to Meserve. Items include - 1881 Statement from Dr. Bragdon for medicines; Document

Ticket for travel from Concord to Fabyans on Boston, Concord & Montreal Railroad; record of vote at State of

N.H. constitutional convention in 1889; re

Meserve, Jonathan

List of first three generations of descendants of Jonathan Meserve born 1772 and died 1849. Document

Photograph of Alice Pendexter wife of Jonathan Meserve Photograph
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