Resources on People in Jackson

Meserve, Jonathan

Moody, Hazel

Photograph of group at spinning wheel. Eva (Davis) Fernald (Hazel's aunt) at the wheel with Eva's mother Photograph

Nancy (Elkins) Davis circa 1902. Spinning wheel is owned (1999) by Alice Pepper Eva Fernald's

Moreton, David

Article in Conwat Daily Sun, May 2, 2002 entitled "The Orchid Man". Recounts David's many talents as a Article

graduate architect from Coopers Union, a juried wood carver, professional writer on guns and hunting, and a

Master Gardener and President of the NH Or

Moulton, John

Article in Mountain Ear November 22, 2000 on retirement as Jackson Police Chief. Article

Osgood, Nellie Louise

Lullaby "Belated Sunbeam" written by Osgood, mother of Mrs. Ashton Emerson. Related to Coburn & Amrich Document

Patrick Family Geneology

Geneology Document

Perkins Family Genealogy

Family chart of the Ancestry of Joseph Pinkham born 1736 and families of his three sons and one daughter Document

George Daniel, Ryfus, and Elizabeth.

Miscellaneous inquiries and replies to requests for information from Sharon Perkins and Pike Perkins. This Document

iinformation is fragmented.

Perkins, Chase B.

Appointment as Justice of the Peace - August 2, 1904 Document

Appointment as Justice of the Peace - July 21, 1909 Document

Pinkham Family Genealogy

Information on geneology in letter from Dorothy Pinkham Wood (page missing) - July 20, 1978 Document

Incomplete copy of book titled "Richard Pinkham of Old Dover and His Descendants" - 1908. Even though Book

incomplete there is a fair amount of information with mention of other inter married Jackson families - Gale,

Pitman,Gray, Manson, Chesley, Copp, Meser

Family genealogy in a long report prepared by Joseph Pinkham of Newmarket, New Hampshire on September Document

21, 1893. Thia was sent to Albert D. Pinkham at State Normal School in Millersville, Pennsylvania.

Pinkham, Albert Day

Photograph of Albert Pinkham (son) with Annie Perkins Photograph

Later photograph of Albert Photograph

Group photograph with Albert, Annie Perkins, Clara Meserve & Sarah Stillings Photograph

Photograph of Albert as a young man - son of George Hayes Pinkham Photograph

Pinkham, C.F.
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