Photographs Available in Archives

Iron Mtn. House Photographs

3 photos of IMH staff - no identification. Photograph

3 photos of interior and exterior of livery stable. Photograph

2 photos (c1890 & c1895) of coaches leaving IMH. One of the Glen House Stage. Photograph

Photo of IMH when James M. Meserve was proprietor. Business card of James M. Meserve for Union House, Photograph

Jackson Aerial Photographs

Summer 1945 aerial photograph showing Witney's, Davis Farm & future Black Mountain ski area. Photograph

Jackson Cemetery

Two photos showing wrought iron as installed at Wentworth Hall. This was removed when the Hall was Photograph

remodelled and installed over the gate at the Village cemetery. Prior to use at Wentworth Hall this gate was

Jackson Falls

Photograpgh of wooden bridge at the top of the falls. Replaced by the present iron bridge. Photograph

Jackson Falls House

4 early photos of guests in front of JFH; 1 very early stereoptic. Photograph

Photo of Coaching Parade in 1894 using JFH coach. Photograph

Jackson Library Photographs

7 photographs showing Librarian Marjorie March and interior & exterior views of Library before it was moved to Photograph

present (2002) location in 1930.

Jackson Village Photographs

Group photo of Jackson Firemen taken June 2003. All 13 are identified. Photograph

Excellent overview photograph (circa 1895) of Wentworth Hall complex and hills beyond. Photograph

2 photographs showing flood in March 1953. Photograph

Photographs of attendees at Jackson Sounding Board Meeting - January 1, 1998. Photograph

Gus & Mary Hayes gas station opposite new Red Fox Grill & Taverne on Route 16. Phot taken in September Photograph

Jackson's Bicentennial

Dozens of photos and video of all events.

Kelley Photographs

2 photographs of Howard Kelley - as Road Agent in 1954 and loading ice blocks at Wentworth Hall in 1956. Photograph

Lang Photgraphs

Eleanor (Davis) Lang as a small child. Photograph

Manson Photographs
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