Photographs Available in Archives

Manson Photographs

Photo of Manson House and barn across from Christmas Farm Inn - burned. Photograph

May Photographs

Several photos of Dick May on the Upper Chair & Panamora Tow on Thorn Mountain - 1950's.
February 1951

photo of Jonnie May, Barbara Davis and George Blessing on Thorn Mountain.

Meserve Photographs

2 photographs - George Meserve's cider mill on Meserve Farm - Ed Meserve with black bear killed October 19, Photograph

1919, weight 384 pounds, length 7 feet.

Moody Photographs

Framed photograph of Moody Farm (now Whitneys) Photograph

Moody Farm when owned by previous owner - Hackett. Since know as the "Moody Farm" and now Whitneys. Photograph

Moody family photographs. Ada (Davis) Moody (elderly), Ada with husband Edwin Moody and baby daughter Photograph

Hazel, Hazel Moody as young girl, Hazel in her 20s.

Hazel & Edwin Moody and Elizabeth Roberts taken May 24, 1942. Photograph

Photograph Album

Photograph album with early pictures of Sadie Hazelton,Ada Davis, Walton Charles, J.H. Gale, Leonard Book

Fernald, Eva Davis, Mrs. M.C. Drown, Dr. Jesse Swett, J.B. Trickey, R.D. Trickey, Hubert Gale, Cecil Gale

(age 5 months), Sadie RobertsLittlefield, Harri

Pinkham Photographs

Property now (2002) owned by the Kendalls. The house and small barn were torn down, only the large barn still Photograph

stands. (opposite to junction of 5 Mile Circuit Road and Tin Mountain Road).

Pitman Photographs

See Pinkham Photographs section for photo of Pinkham-Pitman Farm. Photograph

Winston Pote photo of Mrs. Anna Pitman. Photograph

See Pinkham Photograps Code #2880 for photo of Pinkham-Pitman Farm. Photograph

Prospect Farm Photographs

8 photos, 4 showing views from Lookout Rock; 2 of Baker place (house); 2 of Cyrus Gale with his cattle. Photograph

Red Fox Grill & Taverne

Photograps of new Red Fox located on Route 16 near the Covered Bridge. Opened in June 2003 Photograph

Roberts Photographs

Photograph of Elizabeth Roberts tending turkeys on farm on Dundee Road. Photograph

School Photographs

Group photograph of Grades 1 - 5, Jackson Grammar School. All in photo are identified. Photograph

Seavey Photographs
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