Photographs Available in Archives

Seavey Photographs

2 photographs of Seavey house on Thorn Mountain - 1 winter & 1summer. Photograph

Sewing Club Photographs

2 photographs of Jackson Sewing Club ladies in 1941. Posed in front of house now (2002) owned by Huntley Photograph

Shapleigh Photographs

Large framed photo portrait of Frank Henery Shapleigh. Photograph

Ski Groups Photographs

Jackson Ski School - 1947. Arthur Doucette, Dick Barrows, Rink Earle, Mack Beal, Dave rankin, Freddie Photograph

Kazaka, Johnny McDonald.

Founders of Widcat Mountain Ski Area - circa 1957 - 1958. Mack Beal, Brookie Dodge, George Macomber, Photograph

Malcolm McLane.

Spruce Mountain Lodge

Several photographs showing cabins, entrance, ski slope. Also, picture of Mabel Slade a former owner. (See Photograph

historical information on the Lodge in Hotels/Lodging section).

Stilphen Photographs

Photograph of Stilphen Farm - burned about 1914. Photograph

Group photograph, date unknown, with small children Carmen & Mary & Georgia Stilphen, Georgianna & Mary Photograph

Hurlin. Smallest Child probably Martha Charles,

Thompson House Eatery

Documents for purchase of property by Lrry Baima fro Richard May Document

Brief history of the house built between 1790 and 1810. Document

Photograph of original house, later converted to Thompson House Eatery. Photograph

Thorn Mountain Photographs

Road scene with birches on Thorn Mountain. Photograph

Trickey Photographs

Photograph of Cyrus Trickey and family. Cyrus was son of Samuel and grandson of James. Photograph

Turner Photographs

Several photographs of Charles, his wife (Ellen Van Nostrand), self portrait, his 1866 uniform. Photograph

Series of photographs from glass plates auctioned from Turner's home in Jackson. The numerous unidentified Photograph

people depicted a[[ear to be relatives. Many photos of the interior of the house. Glass plates are stored on

Photograph pf Charles Turner from John Henderson website Photograph

Wentworth Hall Photographs

Photo of cottage once located next to the Library - from Dan Hogan's collection. Photograph
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