Resources on Publicly Owned Buildings

Town Hall

Copy of Warranty Deed dated April 23, 1879 for the sale of land by George Pinkham to the Town of Jackson Document

for $100.00. This land is the site of the Town Hall built in 1897.

Examination made in February 2004 of the painted curtain in the Town Hall. The curtain is a painted theatrical Document

backdrop of a bucolic scene showing two lovers in 18th century clothing, and measures 19 feet by 8.5 feet. It

was painted by an itinerant unk

Trickey Barn

Estimate made in 2004 of cost to stabilize the barn preparatory to making a decision for its reuse. Estimate Document

is $3,000--$4,500. This barn was part of the Jackson Falls House hote complex built by Joseph Trickey.

After the House was demolished in the

Yesterday's Restaurant

Photograph showing Sarah Lord, new owner of Yesterday's Restaurant, who purchased business in December Photograph

2002 from Will and Gail Zeliff.
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