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Fichera, Andrew Joseph, M.D.

Obituary on death on March 19, 2007 age 79. Born in 1928 in Somerville, MA son of Benedetto and Antonia Article

(Giacobbe) Fichera. A clinical professor of psychiatry for Tufts University School of Medicine at St.

Elizabeth's Hospital in Brighton, MA from 1955

Freeman, Nancy Parks

Obituary on death on February 10, 2005 age 86 years. Resident of Jackson for almost 60 years. Married Article

Robert W. Freeman in 1945. The couple ran the Checkerberry Inn (now Nestlenook Inn) until 1954. Nancy

spent four decades in retail sales at the Jac

French, Roger Freeman

Obituary on death on March 18, 1999. He served in the submarine service of the U.S. Nay and was a veteran Article

of World War II. While at Raytheon he pioneered the design of microwave ovens. He founded Servodyne

and developed a completely passive solar hot

Frost, Margaret M.

Obituary on death on September 28, 2002 in North Conway, NH age 85. Born in Provincetown, Mass.. Article

Married Freeman Frost and moved to Jackson in 1946. Peggy and Frosty started the Jack Frost Shop in

Jackson until 1977 when sold to Lee Harmon. A founder

Furber, George C.

Obituary on death on xxxxxx, 1936 Article

Furber, Hattie D.

Obituary details included in George Furber's obituary. Hattie died on April 28, 1933. She was a daughter of Article

General George P. Meserve

Gale, Arthur P.

Obituary on death on October 30, 1957 - age 75 years. Born in Jackson April 2, 1882, son of Cyrus E. and Article

Martha Gale who established the original Eagle Mountain House in 1879. After the first fire in 1915, Arthur

became the sole owner of the Eagle Mou

Gale, Caroline Persis

Obituary on death date unknown - age 23. Wife of Rev, Jonathan Gale, and daufgter of Daniel and Betsey Article

Staples of Londonberry, Vermont.

Gale, Carrie Pendexter

Obituary on death on August 8, 1904 - age 15. Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George E. Gale. Article

Gale, Catharine C.

Obituary on death on April 2, 1907 - age 88.. First husband was Cyrus F. Pinkham - one daughter Helen. Article

Second husband was Rev. Jonathan Gale - six children with four surviving, Cyrus E., George E., Jonathan

Herbert, and Mrs Kate Wakefield.

Gale, Cyrus Erwin

Obituary on death, December 31, 1923 Article

Gale, Jonathan Hubert

Obituary on death on May 14, 1918 - age 57. Born in Jackson and moved to South Dakota in 1883. Brother Article

of Cyrus E. Gale, George E. Gale, Mrs. Parkman Drown, and Mrs. David Wakefield.
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