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Jackson Public Library

Undated article from Mountain Ear. Includes historic data and shows a 1924 postcard of position of building Article

before it was moved to present location 1n 1930 when Rte 16 was redirected and stone bridge was built.

Letter from Barbara Powis to Betty Whitney mentioning controvesy over moving Library to its present location Article

Article from Jackson Town Column - April 21, 1999. Report on formation of the "new" Friends of the Jackson Article

Article in "Our Towns" by Janet Hounsell on history of library and librarian Hilda Matero - July 23, 1944 Article

Article in "The Irregular" by Jeffrey Mandel on history of library - August 30, 1977 Article

Letter to editor of "Conway Daily Sun" from Bob Davis against moving library to Trickey Barn - April 27, 1998 Article

Original By Laws March 1880 - copied from book in Jackson Library Document

Series of letters dated in 1880s from J.K. Porter to General Wentworth regarding shipments of books to the Letter

Article from "The Irregular" - August 30, 1977 on history & with mention of the Adams Social Library as being Article

the first library in Jackson. Also article from "Granite State Libraries" - January 1978 by Priscilla Bissell

Quit Claim Deed for land from Nancy L. Meserve & Flora V. Stilphen to the Jackson Public Library - recorded Deed

October 9, 1900

Subscription paper for first books donated to library - March 18, 1880 - copied from book in Jackson Library Document

which also list donors

Post Office

Announcement of plan to construct new Post Office at site of Jackson Falls House - existing location in 1998 Article

Letters from Post Office Department to Congressmen Sulloway & Baker about allowance for temporary clerks Document

- May 1896, June 1903, June 1907

Letters from Post Office Department to Jackson Postmaster authorizing payment for temporary clerks - May Document

1896 to July 1910

Copy of post card which shows a former location of Post Office between the Flossie Gile house and the Post Card

covered bridge. The Post Office was moved from this location in October 1972 to rented quarters on Route 16

opposite the Iron Mountain House and later


Photograph of Hackett School House - 1950 Photograph

Photograph of Grades 6-8 (1934) at Jackson Grammar School. Shown are Richard Witham, Merle Johnson, Photograph

Paul Storer, Warren Hazelton, Howard Kelley, William Proctor, Elizabeth Roberts, Pouise Fernald, Patricia

Hodge, Mildred Johnson, Helene Witham, Anna Kel

1878 Records Book of School District One containing Calls to Meeting, Warrant Articles, Appointments, Book

Officer elections. Meetings through 1892 are included. Also separate document relating to appointments and

activity of the Prudential Committee.

Act by the State of NH June 14, 1806 granting 300 acres to the Town of Adams for the Support of Schools Document

and 300 acres for a Parsonage or Ministry Right in the Town of Adams.

History of Dundee School prepared by Daniel Dinsmore dated May 30, 1988. Document

Photograph of Graduating Class (1932) at Jackson Grammar School. Shown areElizabeth Roberts, Mable Photograph

Slaigh, Virginia Kelley, Ewing Gordon (teacher), Merle Johnson, George Drew, Clyde Boyd, Olive Hayes.

Article in "The Reporter" with student portraits in 1928-1929 and Flossie Thurston (Gile) teacher - February 16, Article
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